First Impressions Mold Butterfly Set no. 2

First Impressions Molds uses only the highest quality silicone to create molds used for a variety of mediums. The molds are very soft and flexible and can easily go from as high as 450 degrees to the freezer without affecting the mold! Unlike other silicone molds they are resistant to rips and tears! Best of all, they are odorless and nothing sticks to them!!

Mold Care :The life of your mold will be greatly extended with careful handling. When removing a piece from the mold, be careful to stretch the sides of the mold as gently as possible. When cleaning a mold, you can just wash it with regular soap and water, though it is also safe to place your mold in the top rack of your dishwasher. When the cycle is finished, just shake the excess water from the mold, and place it on your counter to air dry. If you attempt to towel dry your mold, it will pick up large quantities of lint from the cloth. If you need dry the mold immediately, we recommend a synthetic lint-free chamois.

Suitable for fondant sugarpaste, flower paste, royal icing, chocolate, butter, marzipan, bread dough, ice, cold porcelain, polymer clays, plaster, wax, soap etc.

Dimensions: 3/4 x 11/4"

Price: $20.00